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Patch Notes:
Kemo storage remake is on hold while we await for a few NWNX4 fixes for my_sql
Lots of Back end fixes courtesy of Dae-Glyth!(Lots of Infinite Loops were squashed)

The Carnivals are back in the cage!

New Trap Feats

New feats have been added to serve as an alternative/replacement for the built in NWN2 trap system, which is cumbersome and expensive to use. There are presently five abilities in total and they can be taken by any character of any class provided they meet the requirements (usually a certain number of ranks in the Set Trap skill). When used, a set trap check is made and, if successful, a trapped glyph is placed on the ground which will trigger when entered by an enemy. All traps have a small AOE and no friendly fire. Additionally, Rogues gain these feats for free every four levels up to 20 (so 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20). All traps have their effectiveness increased based on the modified ranks the user has in Craft Trap.

The Feats Are:

Spike Trap. Requires Set Trap 6. Set DC is 15. AOE piercing damage and slow effect.
Bee Trap. Requires Set Trap 9. Set DC is 18. AOE piercing damage over time and confusion.
Flash Trap. Requires Set Trap 12. Set DC is 21. AOE Blind
Sonic Trap. Requires Set Trap 18 and one of the prior feats. Set DC is 24. AOE Sonic damage and stun.
Corrosive Trap. Requires Set Trap 18 and Sonic Trap. Set DC is 27. AOE Acid damage, AC reduction, and Paralysis.

Additionally, a support feat called Sturdy Traps has been added. It requires Set Trap 15 and one of Spike, Bees, or Flash trap. It increases the Save DC for your traps by 2.


Portraits have been updated
Tiles.2da have been fixed, thus patching many random Memory leaks and crashes from the result of Faulty 2da lines!
Tlk Updates, corrected many descriptions (Let us know if we missed a few)
Banzai charge was set to 30 seconds. (Godthrilla)
Impromptu Sneak attack Changed from 120 to 60 seconds cool down
Golem Master, Fellblades and Hexen should now receive Epic spells. (Xndar)
Meditative Strikes changed from Magical to Divine Damage. (Gadwin)
Defensive Parry should now work. (edmaster44)
Half Outsiders and Nature warrior path feats should now appear on appropriate levels. (edmaster44)
Psychic Warrior has received many fixes and the progression has been redone, so PRCs progress Psychic Warrior Feats, these Classes include, Warmind and Gem Dragon PRC. (edmaster44)

Warmind reduced from 10 levels to 5. (edmaster44)


Word Archon and Cerebremancer now provide PML scaling.


Vitriolic Sphere should be working now. Additionally, it should have a range of "Huge" now (e.g fireball-size).

Great Thunderclap should be working now.

Mechanus Cannon should benefit properly from being empowered now.


Now does not have a non-lawful alignment requirement.


Darts, Throwing Axes, and Shuriken are now "small" instead of "tiny" so that giants can use them.

Quarterstaves of +3 and +4 variety were added to the bouldertanks' newbie store. Forgot 'em. Oops.


Sunder Magic should hopefully be fixed, acting as a CL99 Dispel Magic.

Disrupting Blow

This ability was applying a cutscene effect that deleted 80% of a target's AC for 4 rounds on a successful MTA, which left them sneak attackable and unable to move or take any actions. There is no immunity in the game that protects against this effect as it was not intended for combat use, and as such the ability is very strong.

Disrupting Blow has thusly been changed into something more thematic.

Disrupting Blow is now an instant-use move that simply always works when used in melee range. There is no check, there is no save- it will always apply 100% spell failure (general spell failure, not just arcane) to your target so long as you are within range. If the target is not mind-immune, this will also daze them for 6 seconds. The spell failure and daze effect lasts for 6 seconds, and the cooldown between uses of this move is 11 seconds.
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